Where are the cards in Coin Master?

Where are the cards in Coin Master?

The Coin Master game menu has an alternate option, which you can discover on the upper right of your dashboard. On which the card collection will be composed, you touch on the card collection and you get all the data about what number of cards you have and what number of cards are there to finish your set.

What number of cards would you be able to send a day on coin master?

Ordinary Cards can be exchanged whenever with a restriction of 5 every day.

You can send five cards to a friend one day and get five new cards from him, aside from the gold card, you can send the ordinary card to your friend and to get more cards, you can share the connection to your friend do And associate your friends with the Coin Master Game, offer it to you

You get 25 twists for nothing and you can take a card for nothing in the event that you have to.

Offer this with friends to get another card from your friends

Where are the cards in Coin Master.How numerous cards would you be able to send a day on coin masterere are the cards in Coin Master.Do you send gold cards to Coin Master.

Where are the cards in Coin Master?

Do you send gold cards to Coin Master?

Gold Cards can be exchanged just extraordinary occasions. At the point when the gold card is in a tradeable, you can get the gold card from a friend,

at the point when your friend has sent the gold card to you, at that point you need to touch on the gift option to take the gold card, with the goal that touch on the gift option then the gold card show Will you get gold coin master card collection.

For instance

In the coin master game, today you give some new data about the card collection, we should know the name of the gold card of the coin master.


Water young lady

2. mammoths


3. things


Last chest

4. Makers

Chinese mythical serpent


5. sweet

Chocolate Bar

Coin master

6. bling



7. Vikings

Viking Gold

Viking heart

8. hot rides

Zombie Slicer

Nitro impact


9.Jack to lamp

Position of authority of thistles

10. japan

Karma Police


11. plants

Olive tree

Jurassic Plant

12. oz


Daring Lion

13. Africa

Fortunate Clover

Enormous tony



White bunny

Red sovereign


Planet Explorer



Today we have given you data around 15 golden card collections, you need to shop chests to get the card, there are three sorts of boxes in it, those container names are

1 wooden chest

2 golden chests

3 enchantment chests

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